Geotechnical Investigation

Identify soil and rock properties to help clients make informed decisions about how to approach design and construction. Conducted for commercial construction and pipeline construction.  

Mineral Evaluation

Survey property for the value of minerals present in order to realize the potential for mining, and for the fulfillment of a conservation easement. 

Litigation Support

Review and research legal cases in order to serve as an expert witness on matters pertaining to geology and environmental issues. 

Water Resource Evaluation

Determine well siting and oversee well development. Determine groundwater qualities and aquifer properties though field measurements, and groundwater models.

Environmental Site Assessment

 Investigate property to determine the presence of any contamination liabilities implementing the ASTM standards.    

HDD Construction Monitoring

Create daily reports on the contractor's daily progress and HDD operations. Document and address conformance with design, specifications, and HDD industry standards.